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Normally, having a birthday near Christmas means I tend to only get a few small birthday presents and family gives the majority of them on Christmas. I have lived through this for a long time. But this year everything changed…

Mid summer, my wife and I started talking about what to get people for Christmas (we like to do all of our shopping early). My wife asked what I would like. She specifically asked for non card items. So after thinking really hard… I could not come up with anything non sports related. I have everything I want and need right now. I got her list a month or so later and started shopping.

Next thing I knew all these little yellow bubble mailers started coming in for my wife…

The suspense was killing me, I had to figure out what was going on. SO, I asked and got the simple answer of  “You need to wait for your birthday and Christmas.”

I just had my birthday and my wife really came through! Just check out all the awesome cards.

Then she dropped this gem of a card on me and said “Wait until you see your Christmas presents!”




WOW! This card is just awesome. It’s a 2009 SPx Ed Reed Shadow Box (I believe there is one Shadowbox per case!)


I am still really backed up on trade posts, they just keep coming in the mail!

Recently, I got a package of cards out of the blue from The Saint of the Cheap Seats.

Dan sent over a nice stack of Orioles and a number of players in my collection.


Upon opening the package, this card grabbed my attention for three main reasons…

First: Shiny… I sometimes get distracted by shiny things
Second: Numbered. I know it does not mean a lot to some collectors, but I think its cool knowing I have 1 of the 225 ever produced of this card.
Third: It’s a player I follow and collect!


And another numbered Roberts…AWESOME!

Ah, shiny!

Not shiny or numbered, but nonetheless a great card. I really like the 2009 SP Legendary Cuts, maybe I will break a box sometime.

To wrap up this trade post, I received cards of both Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts. Dan, thank you so much for the great cards! I have a few nice cards cards coming your way soon…

Recently, I had the pleasure of working out a trade with Ed from Roll Out the Barrel. If you have never traded with him, I highly recommend you trade him Brewers cards. Ed was a great trader and even sent two packages of cards to me.

In the first package he put in a number of Markakis cards. My Markakis collection is slowly growing!

Trade with EdTrade with Ed

A Goudey Jim Palmer.

Trade with Ed

A 2009 O-Pee-Chee Adam “Gold Glove” Jones. Trade with Ed

An Upper Deck X Guthrie Jersey card.

Trade with Ed

And two great Brian Roberts cards!

Trade with Ed

Trade with Ed

The second package also contained an Oriole relic he just got! Thank you for thinking of me Ed!

3 Adam Jones cards, including the relic card and a great Brian Roberts Turkey Red!

Thank you so much! As soon as I get more Brewers cards, they are on their way to you.

Wicked Ortega is quickly becoming one of my most frequent trade partners. It is awesome because he has a way of finding some of the coolest cards to add to my personal collection. I don’t know how he finds so many great cards, but I love the trade packages he puts together.

For example, I will highlight just a small sampling of the great cards he sent my way.

Trade with WickedFirst is a 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights Propaganda Poster. I first saw this card over on Beardy’s blog and was stunned at how nice this card looked. Now I am very happy to add this card to the collection.

Trade with WickedA 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Cal Ripken Jr. card numbered to just 550! SWEET!

Trade with Wicked2008 Legends of the Game Cal Ripken. I love the old Orioles logo with the cartoon bird on the helmet.

Trade with WickedA gorgous Nick Markakis chrome.

Trade with Wicked2009 Goodwin Champions Nick Markakis mini

Trade with Wicked

Jim Palmer Topps short print!

Trade with WickedMore Jim Palmer…

Trade with WickedCal Ripken Jr.

Trade with WickedBrooks Robinson. He looks so young in this card!

Trade with WickedA nice view of Camden Yards and the Warehouse.

Trade with WickedAwesome vintage Brooks Robinson!

Trade with Wicked

And even more cards to add to the player collections.

Wicked, it is always a pleasure trading with you. Thank you!

A few weeks ago Brian from the excellent blog, Play at the Plate, was opening a pack and came across a card I really wanted to add to my collection. While opening 2009 Goodwin Champions, Brian pulled a ON CARD autograph of Nick Markakis! As soon as I saw that I quickly sent him an email and the card is now mine! THANK YOU Brian! I owe you big time.
Play at the plate

Now that brings me to the Assignment Dinged Corners put out. What are your 3 favorite autographed cards?

  1. 1972 Topps Autograph
  2. 2008 Masterpieces Break #8 Jim Palmer Autograph
  3. Play at the plate

There you have it: My top 3 on card autographs. And thank you again Brian!

As I have stated in the past, Beardy and I have completed a number of trades. He is a great trader so I am always on the look out for more stuff to send his way.

Our most recent trade formed due to this card…

card951This is one sweet card! I have been watching them on eBay since Goodwin came out and never got one. Beardy got one and then promptly traded it to me. Dude, Thank you so much!

Of course Beardy also sent a great set of Ripken, Markakis, and Murray cards as well!

card945card944card946card947card942card943card941card948card952card949card950And this next Ripken, I had never seen. I am very happy to add it to my collection.

card953For those of you following my Pursuit of Ripken cards, Beardy’s trade package has offically pushed my collection to over 550 different Ripken cards!


Recently I ran to the local card shop to see what I could find for a few other bloggers. And as always, the bargain bin sucked me in.

They had just busted a box of 2009 Sweet Spot, and I was able to get two of the base cards I wanted (Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts). I really like the design and feel of this product.

card938card932Then I saw a the Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts base from 2009 Tickets to Stardom.

card937card936Then a 2009 SP Authentic Nick Markakis caught my eye.

card933As well as a 2008 SP Authentic Brian Roberts.

card934On top of all the Baseball cards, I was able to find a few Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed cards I liked.