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Low numbered Palmer combo

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Baltimore Orioles, Blog
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Picked up this sweet card a while back. But had to share it with you all!

Nice orange relic (O’s relics that are orange equals pure awesomeness) with a well placed sticker autograph. To top things off, it’s pretty rare numbered to only 10 copies!

Hope you are enjoying seeing how my collection is growing.


COMC joy

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Baltimore Orioles, Blog, Mailbag

Everyone has a preferred way of getting cards. For some it could be opening boxes or cases, some could be trades, others maybe eBay. But for me it’s COMC. I do like trading, however since I have stopped buying boxes, I really do not have many cool cards to trade.

Recently, I have found it a great way to pick up partial sets of parallels.

I have been thinking a lot about the ways to spend my limited collecting allowance, and I always seem to end up back on COMC. I really love picking up a $.50 card to create sets of parallel cards from products I could never afford!

So with out any more delay, here are a few of my recent purchases. And the others from this batch will get future posts of their own.

2011 Topps Triple Threads Gold #48 - Jim Palmer/99 - Courtesy of

Up first, a partial set of parallel cards from 2011 Topps Triple Threads. Cards numbered out of /1,500 , /625, /249, /99. For all those I spent a whopping $1.77! Which is less than 1% of the cost the hobby box they came from! Not too shabby, if you ask me.

And for the last card of this post, a very shiny 2011 Cognac Diamond Jim Palmer. Really like the look of this card!
2011 Topps Cognac Diamond Anniversary #393B - Jim Palmer - Courtesy of

Images courtesy of

I Shall Call It… Mini Blaster

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Baseball, Blog

Got a great mix of inserts and base cards. Even 3 numbered gold bordered cards. All the insert shown in this post are available for trade, Just let me know!

Have not used the code yet. Not sure it would be worth it, or if I should just trade it away. Any input on this? What are the odds on actually getting anything nice?

Not too bad to get All-Star cards of Harper and Trout!!

2012 Topps Chrome – Pack 2

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Baseball

Sometime in the near future I will pick up a couple more packs of this. These cards are so much better than the last time I purchased chrome card, this aren’t as bent. As I said yesterday all these chrome cards are available for trade.

One more pack of regular Chrome tomorrow, stay tuned!

Pack 2:

170 Jesus Montero RC (Seattle Mariners)
200 Irving Falu RC (Kansas City Royals)
50 Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins)
98 Brian Wilson (San Francisco Giants)

2012 Topps Chrome – Pack 1

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Baseball

Have not opened any packs for quite a while. But my wonderful wife got me a rack pack of 2012 Topps Chrome. She rocks!

I have always liked Chrome cards, but really dislike the small pack size. Anyways here is the first pack, if you guys see anything you would like to trade for let me know!

Pack 1:

39 Jacob Turner (Detroit Tigers)
187 Adrian Cardenas RC (Chicago Cubs) Refractor
197 Will Middlebrooks RC (Boston Red Sox)
163 Brad Peacock RC (Oakland Athletics)

Zistle Update

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Baltimore Orioles
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I am going through and updating the missing photos that I can. So I figured I would share the 5 I just updated! Let me know what you think…

A while ago I was able to pick up this autograph card of Jim Palmer.

I know it’s from an unlicensed product and it is a sticker autograph. But it is also numbered to /5.

For starters, I think this is one of my favorite unlicensed products. It looks really cool. Just the image of mr. Palmer in a football uniform is so different then most cards which are put out now.