Graded Rice Rookie

Posted: December 23, 2012 in Baltimore Ravens, Mailbag
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Every now and then my beautiful wife surprises me. One weekend we were watching the Ravens play and Ray Rice pulled off a great run for a TD, my wife looks at me and asked if there were any good deals for Rice rookie cards. I knew there were, just earlier that day I had surfed COMC and eBay.

Well the one I got was this beauty:

cards177 cards178

A near perfect 9.5 BGS Rice refractor rookie. For ~$13 shipped, I think that was a great deal. I highly doubt that I would be able to find a rookie “worthy” of grading. With all the shipping and grading fees, I am 99.99% sure I would have spent over that. The grading fees alone are $9 for a 45 day wait!

I originally thought since his rookie year was 2008, there would not be as many cards produced. Oh man, I was seriously mistaken! So far there have been over 2,200 different cards produced!
To put into a little perspective, Ray Lewis since 1996 has had just over 2,800 cards created.
Average cards per year for Lewis = ~175
Average cards per year for Rice = ~550
That is just incredible!!


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