Start of a rainbow

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Blog

I was thinking it was time to change it up, I have decided to try and “complete” a rainbow of 2012 chrome parallels. What’s not to love when you have both shiny and numbered cards. To keep within my collection, I have decided to chase future hall of famer Ray Lewis. Here is the first card from a recent purchase:

cards176The 2012 Camo refractor! Cool looking card numbered to /499.

This is the list of cards for the rainbow and my progress:

Chrome #121
Chrome refractor —GOT
Chrome Orange refractor
Chrome x-fractor
Chrome purple refractor /499 —GOT
Chrome camo refractor /499 —GOT
Chrome pink refractor /399
Chrome black refractor /299 —GOT
Chrome prism refractor /216 —GOT
Chrome blue refractor /199
Chrome sepia refractor /99 —GOT (actually got 2 Sepia refractors)
Chrome gold refractor /50 —GOT
Chrome red refractor /25

I would like to pick these up, but doubt I would find/ afford them:

The printing plates /1’s
Superfractor /1

Overall, the cards are super nice to look at and the cost to obtain these has been fairly low. I feel like this is a theme I will try to accomplish every year or maybe even go back and try to get a few other partial rainbows going. Also I was wondering, to show the cards, do you all like a scan of each individual card or a scan of them all together?


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