So shiny! Lewis

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Blog

2011 Topps Chrome Crystal Atomic Refractors #2 - Ray Lewis/139 - Courtesy of
This card rocks! It was one of the more pricey pickups, running just over $4. But this card was so worth it. Always have enjoyed chrome refractors and this one just pops out at you! Not to mention the Crystal Atomic Refractors are numbered to just 139. My card is 126/139. Between the cooler looking refractor and the low serial numbering this card is such a sweet addition! I will most likely try to track down the Ray Rice version now.

If I ever decide to put a set together again, I will have a hard time deciding between Topps chrome baseball, Topps chrome football, or Gypsy Queen. I think from what I have seen they are the three I am drawn to the most.

I decided against using my craptastic scanner, cause it hates all chrome and refractors. The COMC scan is just so pretty.

Image courtesy of


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