What do you spend.

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Blog

I have read a couple of post about this Topps “club”, and it has me thinking. Here is one of the articles. I am on a blaster (maybe two) per month budget. Which equates to roughly give or take $20 per month to fuel my hobby. I may some months get a blaster / pack or just load up COMC. But all totaled it equals a whopping $240 per year, just a bit shy of the $10,000 they would like members to spend. Looks like I will be not getting in this year, darn.

I get a lot of enjoyment out of this hobby and can’t even fathom spending that much. I think it would be a better idea, to randomly select a blog/ blogger a month (different one every month), send them a box of any product and ask them to do a review if it (good or bad). That way it will feel that Topps really cares about the community’s thoughts and will listen to the little guys.

If Topps would ever like to send me a box, I will gladly do a review of it (good or bad)!

  1. Paul says:

    I really don’t care what Topps does with their high-end customers. I’ve made peace with the fact that I don’t matter to them, but the guy that can afford to drop $10,000 a year or more does.

    I buy a handful of cards that I actually want from the eBay case breakers, and the bulk of my card purchases are minor league sets. I’ve spent less this year than it would cost to buy one box/pack of Topps Five Star.

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