Value Box – Post 1

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Blog

Recently my wife has discovered her hobby which is awesome because she gets to have fun while making her jewelry and then giving/ selling what she makes. After our most recent trip to the craft store to pick up more beads, we needed to go to Target which happens to be next door. While walking around, I did what most of us do, I checked out the card aisle and they finally had the Value Packs which I have heard so much about.

So here is the mini pack and box….

Cool little book, shows one card for each year Topps has been around along with what was said on the back of the card. Also the book has the schedule of games for each team.

Got these two cards. I have not figured out if I will be trading these or if I will redeem them myself. Any Suggests?

And for my first actual card from the box. A nice and shiny M. Mantle!

  1. Should you want to trade the codes, I’d be interested.

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