Palmer plate #7

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Blog

I get incredible enjoyment out of building a good collection of cards to pass on to my two sons. And this most current card is a great addition to the ever expanding Jim Palmer collection.

Not only is this card the seventh Palmer printing plate, it is also numbered #7. I must say, framed cards, relics, and plates look really nice.

I have never understood why certain plates sell for so much more than others. I mean I saw a Markakis plate sell for over forty dollars and Palmer plates can be picked up for twenty a piece all the time. So with that said, I can justify a printing plate that equals the cost of a blaster, but I really don’t ever want to spend more than that.

What are your feelings on printing plates? I know a few collectors don’t care for them, but I think they are pretty cool to have in a collection. Even though I will never sell my collection, you can look at as an “investment” portfolio. You can allocate different types of cards to create your own individualized collection.

On a side note I have been thinking about creating a database and website to show my cards. Not only would it be an enjoyable endeavor, I would be able to pick up a new programming language (or two). Are any of you fellow bloggers programmers? Could you recommend a certain language?

  1. Brian says:

    1st time poster to your blog, but long time reader. I love printing plates and think that they are fun to show off in a collection along with the other parallels.

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