A bit of a predicament

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Blog

I think most collectors run into this problem… How to organize and display your collection online.

For the longest time I have been a supporter of Zistle. The platform has the potential to be great. It just has a couple drawbacks. The first being the cards on the site are not always up to date or current. Second is some users add incorrect data about cards. And third a card could be added multiple times. For awhile I thought zistle was getting information from COMC, which was cool. Yet that too seemed to add more duplicated card information in the system. I just hate spending time on correcting errors or scanning tons of cards.

The other option is to go with Beckett. Yet that is not without issues. Granted they seem like they have every single card listed, but images of the cards are not up. I have never used their system, so I have no idea how their image uploading works. Also I remember reading somewhere about when Beckett did an upgrade to their system, some of the collections listed got deleted. And I really don’t feel like putting in a ton of time organizing my cards to have them accidentally deleted. Does Beckett really charge collectors to use their site to organize their collection? If so, that’s crazy!

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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