What an auto!

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Blog

I still can’t believe I own this card now! It’s absolutely beautiful! I have been looking at Markakis rookie autos for a while, and now it’s mine. I don’t even really care that it is graded a 7 from psa, it cost about half a blaster box (under $15 shipped). Never thought that a 2003 Markakis auto card would ever be in my collection, let alone an X-fractor (only 250 made I think). I am beyond words to describe how happy I am.

Just look at that. I know some collectors and bloggers don’t like graded cards. But I like them! I even checked out the cert on this card to verify it’s the real deal. If I ever really feel like it, I could remove it from the PSA holder. However if I leave it alone, at least it will be protected. Let me know what y’all think about the new addition.

Now I have three graded Ripken rookies and just adding this Markakis is awesome! Next on my list is a graded Palmer rookie (hope for a grade 7 or above)…

  1. Sweet add, and an even sweeter price!

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