Paul Patches or Patches of Paul

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Blog

As the collection continues to grow I figured why not show off the few Patch cards I have picked up of one of my favorite Celtics players. I really like when a player spends most if not all his career with the same team (Like Jim Palmer, Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr. to name a few). So far Pierce has always been a Celtic!






  1. Offy says:

    Nice patches. I haven’t picked up too many of those so far. Just browsing through the Pierce jersey cards available on COMC is overwhelming. I’ve focused mainly on ones with designs that I like and purchased a lot of Pierce/Antoine Walker dual relics back when he was with the team.

    • ryanmemorabilia says:

      I have noticed that COMC has a lot of nice Pierce cards, I actually picked up a Pierce auto from COMC and it is still waiting to be shipped.

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