Somewhat Organized…

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Blog

It took me a while but I finally got all my relics, autographs, printing plates, and manufactured patches put away. The main reason it took so long to put these away was I had a bunch of cards I have forgotten about. Like these two cards…

Also as I was going through the cards I started to think about where most of these cards came from. And the two main places I came up with were trades with fellow bloggers and the internet. Every now and then I got lucky with a box of cards and was able to add to my collection, but that is not normally the case. Thinking about all the money I spent on boxes, instead of just picking up the cards I wanted, drives me crazy.

And for this reason, I am giving up on ripping packs and boxes for the near future. Not that I don’t enjoy it. I may pick up a random pack once in a while, just not that often. When opening a pack/ box it’s like buying a scratch off lottery ticket, I get this gut feeling about all the great cards that could be inside. And most times I am just left with base cards or a couple inserts (usually of teams/players I don’t even care about). Every now and then I may get lucky, but odds are stacked against me. Also the money that is required to “chase” the SP, relics, and autographs is crazy. I can pick up a ton of cards, including relics, I actually care about for the cost of one blaster. And what is with Topps offering a 60th anniversary ring next year? Who would sit around and think “What card collectors really want is… a giant ring that says Topps?”


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