Rondo Collection

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Blog

I just got four Rajon Rondo cards from COMC and figured why not share them the day after he got a Triple-Double! And not only that, but the Celtics have moved back into First Place in the Eastern Conference! I am slowly getting into the NBA, and really enjoyed that game. Here is an ESPN article about it.

  1. Offy says:

    Oh no, competition!

    I love both the Bowman set and last year’s Topps. I hadn’t realized how crazy the box prices have gotten due to Griffin fever. If you get a chance, make sure that you pick up the refractors from the Topps set. They look great and everything is numbered which is even better. When is the last time you saw serial numbered base refractors.

    • ryanmemorabilia says:

      Cool, will look for that card

      If you got extra Celtics for trade, I got a bunch of nice Red Sox cards… Let me know please

  2. Offy says:

    I have got a ton of extra Celtics and will gladly send them your way for some Sox. While I’m at it, I’ll send you a list of what I’ve got for Ripken cards to see if you need any of them.

    Also, I just noticed that you still have a link to my old blog on your blogroll. Thank you very much for linking. When you get a chance, could you update it to the new site ( Thanks!

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