Mail Day!

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Blog

I finally got all 64 cards from my COMC purchases shipped. I was so happy to open the mailbox and find all my cards. One thing I was thinking about and don’t understand is why people complain about COMC’s shipping rates. I mean they seem very reasonable to me. For example I got 64 cards shipped (13 Relics, 4 Autos, 47 other cards) and it would most likely have cost me around $160 (Figuring an average of $2.50 per card) in shipping if I was to purchase them from eBay! That’s just plain crazy, shipping for all 64 of these ranges between $16-20 if there are no specials going on. Thats around a $140 difference. Also I have not had any really issues with damaged cards or anything from COMC, and it seems that eBay cards are not packed as well and get damaged.

I will be breaking out all the cards from this shipment into manageable posts and will show them off soon…


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