Roberts from Troll

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Blog

I am way behind in posting these. As the Collective Troll and I worked out a trade in 2010…

But better late, then never.

One of the things I really enjoy about trading is getting rid of cards that you don’t really care for and getting cards that you really like. And this trade is no different. I saw that Troll was collecting the 2010 A&G and I quickly contacted him about a trade. In return for the few A&G I sent his way, he sent me a couple of Brian Roberts I have been wanting to add to my collection.

Up first is the X-Fractor Roberts. I really like the look of these. And this card goes with the Markakis one as well, I am still looking for the Adam Jones.

The second is the Topps Black Border numbered to 04/59. I am so addicted to these. I just picked up a Ray Rice Black Border. I have the Ravens and the Adam Jones Black Border too.

Many Thanks Troll! Hope to work out another trade in the near future.


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