New cards from Wicked!

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Blog

Everyone enjoys getting cards in the mail, but when I see a mailer from Wicked in Florida I know the contents are going to blow me away. And his most recent package(s) was no different. There is a reason he was voted the Top Trader of 2009, and while we’re at it I give him my vote for 2010!

Tucked along with mountains of O’s from the giant group break he held were these gems (Mr. Ortega is one of the most generous bloggers I know, there is no way humanly possible to showcase every card he sent me. If you have never had the pleasure of setting up a trade with him, I highly recommend it.):

I really like these Manufactured Bat Cards, the only hard part is finding a top loader to store them.

Two Blue Bowman Jones!

This is plain Awesome!!

Also, right now Mr. Ortega is holding a giveaway for a complete set of 2008 Masterpieces! Check it out!!

  1. wickedortega says:

    Your welcome homie… but you should see the new O’s cards i

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