COMC Post #1 (HOF Orioles)

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Blog

I recently received my order from COMC which had been sitting for quite some time. So I figured I would break up what I got into multiple post, there are too many cards to showcase in one post…

So this is the breakdown of the catagories:

1) HOF Orioles

2) HOF Baltimore Colts

3) Current Orioles

4) Current Ravens

So with out any delay, here are the HOF O’s:

2007 Premier Jim Palmer


2007 Masterpieces Brooks Robinson


2008 Masterpieces Jim Palmer


2004 Pristine Earl Weaver Autograph

2002 Archives Brooks Robinson Jersey Relic

And the best card of this batch….

A 2006 Epic Pairings – Cal Ripken Jr. and Eddie Murray Jersey Relics (Numbered to an eBay 1-of-1)


  1. beardy says:

    Nice haul! I just requested a shipment as well, and picked up that same Brooks Archives relic. Go figure.

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