Player Collection Status

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Blog

As the year comes to an end, I think it is a great time to assess my current collection. I am staying away from sets for a bit because I find a lot of enjoyment in being a Player Collector. The players listed below are not the only players I collect, just my 6 bigger collections. I am still working on uploading a bunch of cards to Zistle, so I will do a similar count for base cards in the near future. I will reassess my collection in exactly one year, then I can chart out the growth a lot easier.

Cal Ripken Jr.

From Cal RIpken Jr.

Autographs: 2
Relics: 20
Manufactured: 2

Brooks Robinson

From Brooks Robinson

Autographs: 7
Relics: 42
Manufactured: 4
Printing Plates: 2

Jim Palmer

From Jim Palmer

Autographs: 19
Relics: 27
Manufactured: 3
Printing Plates: 3

Ray Lewis

From Ray Lewis

Autographs: 0
Relics: 33
Manufactured: 1

Ed Reed

From Ed Reed

Autographs: 0
Relics: 13
Manufactured: 2

Nick Markakis

From Nick Markakis

Autographs: 3
Relics: 16
Manufactured: 0

Autographs: 31
Relics: 151
Manufactured: 12
Printing Plates: 5

So, what do you all think? Is this a good idea or just a waste of time?

  1. Daniel Wilson says:

    That’s a great collection! Very impressive!

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