To Rip or Not to Rip, that is the question…

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Blog

I have had this card for awhile and I am unsure whether or not to rip it open…

Any ideas?

  1. Dan says:

    I would rip it. I don’t collect Jeff Francis, it’s the most numerous of the rip cards, and there’s a chance for something really cool (red auto, wood). Most likely, it will be an extended mini; that’s what I got last year. Good luck! Will you video the procedure if you do it?

  2. AdamE says:

    Rip it. If you get a Red Sox mini in there trade it to me.

    Don’t know if it is true but I heard that if you look at them in a dentist’s light you can see through the card to see what is inside…

  3. I say buy a X-ray and scan it to see what inside. Or, get a time machine, go back to last year, and sell it.

    If those are not cost-effective options, rip it, get a Hanley extended mini, and trade it to me for a whole mess of O’s cards.

  4. wickedortega says:

    Rip it now!!!

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