New Palmers to the Collection

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Blog

While adding card to my collection, I have come to realize that Palmer autographs are very easy and not that expensive to add. Out of the 7 cards that will be featured in this post, 5 are Autographs! Some stickers, Some on-card… being a player collector I want them all!

Now on to the 5 autos…

Saw this card and I thought it was a great deal. Also the inscription and autograph on the sticker is very sharp! Not to mention, this is the first auto and relic which has been graded and slabbed.

The 2009 Ultimate set, is awesome. On-card autographs! This card also has part of the stitching from the uniform.

Already had one of the Palmer 2010 Historic Autographs, but the autograph one this card was beautiful!

As Beardy brought up on his blog, I am also worried about this autograph fading.

One of my favorite autograph sets, has to be the Sweet Spot Signatures. And the red auto card is no exception!

  1. Bud Bareither says:

    Love the Sweet Spot Auto! I’ll get around to emailing you one of these days to work out a trade.

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