Card of the Moment – 2010 Historic Autographs

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Blog

I recently picked up a 2010 Historic Autographs card, which showed up with the “wrapper” still on. With nothing new interesting enough to buy a box to rip, I am still adding to my individual player collections. This card is no different…

First off, I am not a fan of the cut autograph with all the empty white space around it. Other than that, the autograph is sweet. It appears to be from when Jim Palmer used to spend more time signing his name. And the chip at the top of the PSA holder I believe is from when my son dropped or pushed it off the table… oh well. Maybe I will send it into PSA some time to have it re-slabbed.

If you are interested in what the back looks like, here it is…

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