COMC vs. eBay

Posted: May 15, 2010 in Blog

I have been thinking about selling some of my cards that I have been unable to trade away. So I am left with a bit of a problem, should I list them on COMC or eBay? Each has its pros and cons….



  • Shipping the cards
  • Listing the cards


  • All money from the sales will be used to buy more cards from COMC, and the sellers are now asking way too much for some cards.
  • Storage fee



  • Wider audience
  • Greater chance of selling
  • Money goes into paypal


  • Cards may sell at very low price
  • Shipping
  • Transaction costs

Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help me out…

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey man,
    I’ve only ever sold on ebay with mixed success. But all and all, I would say it’s been worth it. I’ve just turned it around into my collection, so it doesn’t make me any money per se but it does help the collection out.

  2. Offy says:

    For newer cards or cards of players who are hot at the moment, go to eBay. Everything else I send to COMC.

  3. jswaykos says:

    I agree with Offy. For new stuff, definitely go ebay. Older stuff that may not sell for a whole lot anyway, go with COMC. You can still withdraw your money from COMC, and even though there’s a fee I’d be willing to wager that it’s somewhat similar to the ebay and paypal fees you’d incur, anyway.

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