Newest Additions

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Blog

As most bloggers have pointed out, it is kind of a dull time in the hobby, so I have slowly been adding to my player collections instead of buying much of any new product. In my opinion, nothing has grabbed my attention. I have picked up a few random packs a while back, and was pretty disappointed in the results. After a simple cost and benefit analysis, I found that while opening cards is a lot of fun, it is not a cost effective way to add to my collection. However, I do have a few boxes of 2010 Ginter pre-ordered! I can’t wait… only like a month or so left.

Anyways, here are the newest additions into my collection:

First are a couple of nice Palmer relics. I really like both of these cards!

Old gray relics rule! Not to mention, the top Brooks is numbered 99/99, in ebay terms thats a 1/1. HA HA HA.

The best card that was added was from the 2009 Goodwin Champions….

A 2009 Goodwin Champions #86 mini Cyan Printing Plate. As I stated before, printing plates are pretty cool to add to my collection. I have two others, both of Jim Palmer. If you are interested, check them out in my Picasa photo album. I have been trying to keep all the collection highlights (Autos, Relics, Manufactured Patchs, and Printing Plates) showcased in the photo album.

  1. beardy says:

    That Brooks plate is awesome. The card that plate printed is also awesome. It might be my favorite modern Brooks card.

  2. BigD says:

    Ripping packs is fun, but I’m definitely more fulfilled when I just grab singles I like. I wouldn’t mind getting a hold of a printing plate sometime myself, but I’ll almost for sure never pull one from a pack.

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