Card Of The Moment – 2010 Jim Palmer

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Blog

The only printing plate I have ever pulled was an Alex Gordon 2009 Finest. However I have been wanting to add to my HOF collection by adding a plate. Just my luck I found one on eBay. Yes, I have been back on eBay. I tried for quite awhile to stay off, but some of the cards on COMC just seem to be priced too high and the sellers do not want to lower the price. Also I have found a few cards that I really wanted. So, that is my reasoning to going back to eBay.


I found the following 2010 Pro Debut Jim Palmer printing plate and I had to make it mine.

I really like printing plates, they are pretty cool and unique. It’s amazing thinking that this plate was part of the process of making other cards. What do you guys think about plates?


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