A Wild card trade

Posted: May 9, 2010 in Blog

I have had the pleasure of working out a trade with fellow blogger Mike from JD’s Wild Cardz. You may remember he is half of the team that cracked the 2009 Ginter code.

Recently the JD household has had a great Orioles luck streak when breaking boxes. We got into contact and worked out a trade for a few cards I really had my eye on.

The highlight of the trade was simply this Masterpieces card.

Not only a player I am collecting, but a beautiful Masterpieces parallel. This parallel is numbered to 10.

Next is another sweet Ripken card. A 2010 Topps relic.

The package also contained a lot of T-206 Orioles minis. I really like the Ripken and Palmers!

And to round out this AWESOME trade, was this DUAL autograph and dual relic.

I am totally pumped to add this to my collection, Thank you so much. I will have your cards going out soon.

  1. wickedortega says:

    Sweet cards homie!!

  2. Ryan H. says:

    Wow, I really like that dual Roberts / Markakis Auto. Let me know about our trade…

  3. beardy says:

    Nice Ripkens.

  4. Play at the Plate says:

    I agree with Beardy, nice Ripkens!

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