A Priceless Trade

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Blog

Awhile back I had the pleasure of working out a trade with Joe from The Priceless Pursuit. If you have never check out his blog, I highly recommend it!

All the cards he sent my way were AWESOME! Since I am try to only purchase certain singles it is great getting my other favorites in trades. On to the cards…

Not only is this a nice Roberts card, it gets me so excited to watch my son one day play little league. He’s only 1 so it’s awhile from now, but still exciting!

This is a great card for two main reasons… First it’s a Ripken, Second it is from one of my favorite sets of all time Masterpieces.

So shiny! Glad to add this to the collection.

And the centerpiece of the trade! A true eBay 1 of 1! There maybe 58 other 2010 Topps Jones Black Border out there, but this is his jersey number.

And to top the trade package off, Joe even threw in a Orioles Relic!


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