New Cards from CheckOutMyCards

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Baltimore Colts, Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, Baseball, Football

Just got in a shipment of cards in from CheckOutMyCards, and I got a lot of great stuff. Here are the highlights:

I have wanted one of these cards for quite some time. And since I am no longer on eBay, I was very happy to find this card. A very cool Unitas A&G mini!

Two nice Unitas Triple Threads cards!

I am a fan of on-card autographs and I like the unique athletes featured in A&G and Goodwin. I just had to pick up this card. The artwork is good, the athlete featured is really cool, and it has an on-card autograph.

After we got the Mike Myers Goldmember relic, I had to jump online to see what other “A Piece of Hollywood” cards I could find. I am pretty happy with Mel Gibson, Jim Carey, and Adam Sandler.

Now I have my own dust from the Berlin Wall!

I am like a few other bloggers and I love relic cards! This card makes a nice addition to my Ravens collection.

A very shiny relic card of an Oriole HOF.

I have had my eye on this card ever since I found it online. And I am very happy to say, I finally got it. Sweet Spot Autographs are AWESOME!

  1. Bud Bareither says:

    Wow! Nice haul. I’ve got a Ben Stiller Piece of Hollywood card if you would like it. Love the Brooks!

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