A past due box break – 2008 Heroes

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball

A month or so ago, I picked up a box of 2008 Baseball Heroes. I can’t remember where I ordered it from, but I have always had fun opening this product.

I think everyone knows what the base cards look like from this set, so I will move right on to the inserts and hits.

Up first are the parallels /499:





Now on to the Relics and Autograph:

Relic numbered out of 200:

Relic numbered out of 125:

Relic and Autograph numbered out of 25:

And the hit of the box….

A sweet patch card numbered out of 25…….

I am not sure if I will keep this card or not. I think this is the first real patch card I have ever gotten from a box.

Finally the case hit….

Overall, what a great box of cards to open!! Had a lot of fun opening this one.

  1. Ryan says:

    You got some awesome cards! Keep or sell, looks like you came out ahead.

  2. jswaykos says:

    Nice box! I loved Heroes, but after a hobby box AND a retail I was still short a few cards for my set. If you’re not planning on putting it together, do you have 20, 30, 54, 70, 121, and 140 to spare?

  3. Great box! I would love to try to trade you for that Lincecum if you’re willing to part with it. Let me know!

  4. Bud Bareither says:

    I’m interested in the Felix…though I will have to do some Cal Ripken Jr. hunting.

  5. lonestarr says:

    Awesome box. Not that they are the most epic of case hits, but it’s always nice when you can get a case hit and have it be no better than the third best pull.

  6. themojohand says:

    O.K man..

    Swing that Timmy my way Lol.. I have a nice Derrick Mason 3 colored patch 7/8 autograph I will trade you straight across for it..

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