Trade with the Lonestarr

Posted: December 9, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, Baseball, Blog, Football, Ripken Pursuit
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To say that Lonestarr from the blog Behind these Hazel Eyes is giving would be an understatement. Just take a look at all the cool cards he sent my way.

Up First the Baseball hits:

The Ripken Cards:

I remember when I just started to get back into collecting cards, this was one of the subsets that drew me back in. Every time I when to Target, I had to pick up a few packs and hope for a few of these inserts.


The Orioles cards:

The Football Hit:


Do you think he got tired of signing his name 888 times before this one?? Very cool card, I have never seen one in person. Thank you!

The Raven Cards:

Some of my favorite Raven cards that were sent:

If you have not checked out his blog, go there now… And see if you can trade with him.

Thank you Lonestarr!! I owe you more cards. As soon as I get some more, I will send them your way.

  1. lonestarr says:

    Glad you liked ’em. :)

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