Omega Trade

Posted: December 7, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Blog, Ripken Pursuit
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The package from Austin, from the Omega Cardboard, started out with 2 excellent Iron Man cards and I may put a real effort into collecting this set next year. But I am not sure since I am already working on 3 Ripken subsets and progress is really slow.

Seeing double… Nope Austin was very kind and sent these two Ripken cards from my favorite set of all time, the Upper Deck Masterpieces. The top card is a base card and the Black Bordered one below it is numbered out of 99!! SWEET!!

In all the boxes I broke of 2007 Masterpieces this is the one box topper I wanted, and now its mine! Thank you so much Austin! I hope you are enjoying the cards I sent to you.

Quick question for everyone, how do you store the box toppers? Are there Top Loaders and sleeves big enough?

  1. Hey Ryan, I’m lovin my cards too!! I’ll send you any Ripkens that I may encounter in the future!

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