Surprise from the Saints!

Posted: December 4, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Mailbag
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I am still really backed up on trade posts, they just keep coming in the mail!

Recently, I got a package of cards out of the blue from The Saint of the Cheap Seats.

Dan sent over a nice stack of Orioles and a number of players in my collection.


Upon opening the package, this card grabbed my attention for three main reasons…

First: Shiny… I sometimes get distracted by shiny things
Second: Numbered. I know it does not mean a lot to some collectors, but I think its cool knowing I have 1 of the 225 ever produced of this card.
Third: It’s a player I follow and collect!


And another numbered Roberts…AWESOME!

Ah, shiny!

Not shiny or numbered, but nonetheless a great card. I really like the 2009 SP Legendary Cuts, maybe I will break a box sometime.

To wrap up this trade post, I received cards of both Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts. Dan, thank you so much for the great cards! I have a few nice cards cards coming your way soon…

  1. Play at the Plate says:

    Out of the blue packages are great.

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