Posted: December 3, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Blog, Mailbag, Ripken Pursuit
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Any time I get a package in the mail and see it’s from Wicked Ortega, I know there are great cards inside. The most recent package was no different. With all the Ripken cards he has sent me in the past, I can’t figure out how he keeps finding more awesome cards that I don’t have. Currently the Ripken collection is just shy of 600 different cards!

This current package included Ripken inserts, die-cut, and even numbered cards!

The 2632 die-cut is a favorit. As soon as I saw that card listed as trade bait, I knew I had to trade for that beautiful card.

The Card-Supial was very interesting. At first I thought it was like all other card which featured two players, but on a closer view, it appears to be a mini card attached to the main card. Cool concept!


One day I will finish this SPX Ironman set.

Grand Finale:

A while back the most generous Wicked Ortega sent me an email stating he found a card I may be interested in. He knows what I like and collect, so I was very interested in finding out what he had found. While pulling all the Ripken cards from the package, I noticed one card was in a much thicker holder. Upon removing the card from the package, I found myself looking at one of the coolest manufactured patch cards! I mean that Oriole patch looks AWESOME!

Wicked Ortega, Thank you so much for you generousity! I greatly enjoyed all the cards you sent my way. Hopefully you enjoy all the cards I will send in return.


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