Wicked Ortega is quickly becoming one of my most frequent trade partners. It is awesome because he has a way of finding some of the coolest cards to add to my personal collection. I don’t know how he finds so many great cards, but I love the trade packages he puts together.

For example, I will highlight just a small sampling of the great cards he sent my way.

Trade with WickedFirst is a 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights Propaganda Poster. I first saw this card over on Beardy’s blog and was stunned at how nice this card looked. Now I am very happy to add this card to the collection.

Trade with WickedA 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Cal Ripken Jr. card numbered to just 550! SWEET!

Trade with Wicked2008 Legends of the Game Cal Ripken. I love the old Orioles logo with the cartoon bird on the helmet.

Trade with WickedA gorgous Nick Markakis chrome.

Trade with Wicked2009 Goodwin Champions Nick Markakis mini

Trade with Wicked

Jim Palmer Topps short print!

Trade with WickedMore Jim Palmer…

Trade with WickedCal Ripken Jr.

Trade with WickedBrooks Robinson. He looks so young in this card!

Trade with WickedA nice view of Camden Yards and the Warehouse.

Trade with WickedAwesome vintage Brooks Robinson!

Trade with Wicked

And even more cards to add to the player collections.

Wicked, it is always a pleasure trading with you. Thank you!

  1. wickedortega says:

    i do it by always being on the lookout for cards the blog homies would like :)

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