TTM success from the past…

Posted: November 15, 2009 in Blog
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I am going to start sending out TTM requests in the next few days, but figured I would showcase some of my past successes. Way back like 10 years or so, I tried my hand at TTM autographs. I was not into baseball cards at this time (wish I had been now), due to a number of reasons. But needless to say, I must have sent a ton of letters out. And the few I got back are very enjoyable. Just a fair warning, none of these TTM autographs are sports related (except the last one).

Up first is Robin Williams.


Then John Travolta.


Then Cindy Crawford.


And finally Jim Carrey.

card1101And one of my favorite autographs I have gotten in person.



  1. Sooz says:

    lol, I read it as Eddie Muprhy at first and wondered why he signed it Orioles #33.

  2. wickedortega says:

    lovin some of those pictures dude if you still collect 8×10’s let me know…. Before i did baseball cards i use to send 8×10’s to all the ballplayer and i have lots from football to hockey…. just holla!

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