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Posted: October 30, 2009 in Baltimore Colts, Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, Baseball, Blog, Football, Ripken Pursuit

When I started back with collecting, I had no idea what I was doing. I bought all sorts of packs, looking for the inserts and then just putting all the cards into a random box. I have recently started to narrow down what I collect.

I am going after all the HOF Orioles (Listed here in the order I collect: Cal Ripken Jr., Brooks Robinson, Eddie Murray (Orioles Uniform), Jim Palmer, Frank Robinson (Orioles Uniform), and Earl Weaver).

As for current Orioles players, I am focusing on Nick Markakis (Sorry Beardy) and Brian Roberts (Sorry Troll). The reasoning behind these two is pretty simple in my mind: Markakis and Roberts are the two faces of the Orioles Organization. And both do a lot to help out the Baltimore community. Nick Markakis has the Right Side Foundation and Brian Roberts does a number of things including Brian’s Baseball Bash.

On to football….

I am going after the BALTIMORE Colts HOF listed in this order: Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, John Mackey, Gino Marchetti, Lenny Moore and Art Donovan.

And current Raven players I am going after are Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. They are two of the best defenders in the NFL. And of course, Joe Flacco.

I will be trying to keep the Zistle accounts up to date.

All Ripken cards will be listed here.

And the rest of my Personal Collection here.

  1. No worries, as an Orioles fan its hard not to collect Roberts and Markakis… Thats cool that your streamlining your collection. I am trying to do the same thing, i think its the perfect off season cleaning thing to do. Good luck!

  2. beardy says:

    I’m not threatened by you collecting Nick Markakis. You’ll never come close to my collection! :)

    I have a bunch of Markakis doubles that you are welcome to if you’d like them.

  3. madding says:

    I have one more card on the way for you that I found at the card show a couple of weeks back.

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