Mail Call! Trade with The Priceless Pursuit

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Mailbag, Ripken Pursuit
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I have had the pleasure of trading with Joe from The Priceless Pursuit a number of times. He is a big Yankees fan, I am a big Orioles fan. I send him unwanted Yankee cards and in return he sends great Orioles cards.  My old Yankee cards have found a nice home. I look forward to future trades with Joe.

In the package he sent, I found 12 Ripken cards! Some of these were not even in the Zistle library.

Up first are the three cards I added to Zistle:




Here are the rest of the new Ripken cards he sent.


And not only did he send those great Ripken cards, he also sent over a bunch of current O’s.


Many thanks Joe! As soon as the Yankee pile fills up again, I will send a few more your way!


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