Thoughts on Running Two Blogs

Posted: October 17, 2009 in Blog

Well, it has been difficult running two blogs (this one and Ripken Pursuit). I am finding that the load of figuring out what to post on two different blogs is a bit too much. It is do able, but as time goes on it could be more difficult.

So I am toying with different ideas on how to work this…

  1. Continue both blogs running
  2. Retire this blog and post everything on Ripken Pursuit

Any suggestions?

  1. wickedortega says:

    Ocne again i know this feeling i’m thinking keep this blog but add the Ripken Pursuit to the name of this blog. Everyone knows you for this blog so if you close this one you’ll lose allot of readers… just a thought….

  2. Agree, don’t stop this blog! There will be link complexity and other issues. Perhaps “Ryan’s Memorabilia” and instead of the current subtitle, just add “and Our Ripken Pursuit” in that smaller font.

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