So after my last post about the Topps Cat Osterman Relic redemption gone wrong, I am feeling like not throwing my money into boxes of Topps products for a while.

This event led me to my local card shop, while there I pick up supplies for my growing Ripken collection (standard top loaders, thick top loaders, and for the first time the jumbo thick top loaders (for the three 2006 Sterling Ripken cards I got)! After I purchased my supplies, I was getting ready to leave and noticed they had restocked the Orioles and Ravens card bin near the cash register. Needless to say, I had to look.

I am very pleased with these new additions, and they came at a great price…

The only two Orioles cards I got were the following:

card794And the rest were Ravens cards…

We will start out with a few Ray Lewis cards.

card805A few more Ray Lewis.

card804Moving on to another Ray Lewis and an Ed Reed.card802Then a Joe Flacco!! And a numbered Willis McGahee.

card803My favorite card I picked up yesterday was the Ray Rice Gridiron Kings. The look and feel of the card is great, it really reminds me of one of my favorite sets… Masterpieces.

card800For the remaining cards, I leave you with Todd Heap, Jamal Lewis, and yes more Ray Lewis!

card801card799card795card798card796card797I really enjoy picking up Ravens cards for my collection. If anyone has any of the following players for trade please let me know: Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, or Ed Reed.


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