Posted: October 14, 2009 in Baseball
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Yesterday was a great day to get the mail, I had about 5 packages!!

Trades from both Night Owl and Hey That’s Mine. (Big D, I will have your package out shortly got a little backed up)

2 eBay packages. And one from Topps….

I opened the package to find this card:

card772Along with this letter…


I really wanted that relic, no offense to the great Babe Ruth.

So I called Topps Customer Service to see if I could find out anything more. Upon speaking with the Rep, he stated that Osterman relic will not be created. They sent me the Ruth because it was of equal Beckett value. But how can there be a value for a card that will not be created!

Anyways, after this foul up, I am strongly thinking about becoming a pure player collector and cutting way back on boxes.

Any thoughts….

  1. DUDE THAT IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! I have never pulled a redemption card (that wasn’t already expired) before, so I have never gone through all that. I am a huge Cat Osterman fan and I was really looking forward to seeing that card. The Babe is nice, but that is a Topps Blaster pull card-just a more or less worthless bonus card you get for buying eight (smaller) packs at once. I would keep on calling Topps because that is total BS. If I pulled a Cat redemption card I would be jumping out of my skin in excitement…If after all that I got that crappy Babe Ruth card and that really crappy letter, I would be ready to kill. Don’t take their shit, give them hell!!!! Good luck my friend…

  2. night owl says:

    Oh, that is bad, bad, bad, BAD. One of the worst that I have seen.

    Topps has got to stop making promises it can’t keep. I’d stay on them, too.

  3. Jim says:

    That sucks and Topps owes you. A. not even close to the same value (a manufactured patch? really?) B. not even from the same set. I would be furious.

  4. beardy says:

    What’s next? Are they going to send me a Bobby Crosby auto and tell me it’s got the same Beckett value as my Ginter Osterman auto redemption?

    If they don’t produce the auto version, I will seriously be pissed, and will put Topps on blast.

  5. Brian says:

    I hope that is not what we can expect from the holder of the only “license” to produce cards next year…no way is any Manupatch equal in value. How freakin’ hard would it be to produce that card. Are we to believe that they couldn’t pry one game-worn jersey away from Cat. BS!!

  6. gritz76 says:

    I don’t know, I sold my Mantle patch like that one earlier in the year for $42. I doubt an Osterman relic would fetch more. I know I’d rather get the Osterman relic, but as far as value, I suppose in their mind it’s the same. You should at least get something from the same product though. In the end I agree, it does suck.

  7. Sooz says:

    Wow. I hope you get something better.

    sorry you head to deal with this.

  8. that. is. horrible.

    a fake card in exchange for a real game used?

    No. Not equal. Not even close.

  9. phosgene says:

    i got similar letters (yes i had several osterman redemtions) today and all i can say is that i am devastated. i don’t even want to discuss what i got. needless to say, if i had any idea i was on the hook to be as royally screwed as it appears i am, i never would have bought these. beckett book on ruth is 30, the osterman redemtion SELLS at 20-30 on ebay all day. so the “compensation” is like 30 cents on the dollar.

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