I am running far behind again…

This is part two of the great trade package WickedOrtega from My Past Time…. I Love It sent me. If you missed the first edition of the trade post, it can be found here. I highly recommend going and checking out his blog, he is also a great trader. In addition to the awesome Ripken cards he sent me, I took a sampling of some of the others to share.

I will start out with the HOF Oriole cards:

Wicked #16Wicked #14Wicked #13Wicked #10Wicked #7Wicked #5Wicked #4I love the shiny Brooks Robinson cards!! If you ever find any more, I will gladly trade you for them.

Now on to the current Oriole players:

Wicked #15Wicked #12Wicked #8Wicked #6Wicked #3Wicked #2Wicked #1

And he was not done there, he even sent me a Relic Card!

Wicked #11Then to top it off, a card of one of the top Raven’s defensive players.

Wicked #9Many Thanks WickedOrtega! If you get any more Brooks or Ripkens please let me know.


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