Card Budget!

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Blog

After reading the GREAT posts at the new blog The Play at the Plate, and then on Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, I started to think about my current and future card spending. The story told at The Play at the Plate is truly something I think every collector faces, I know I have my struggles with the card spending budget (just ask my wife!). Thank you Brian for sharing your story!

Needless to say, the past year or so I have spent a lot of money on busting packs/boxes and eBay. I know this is not possible to continue forever. With moving in the near future coming down, I know the card spending will be cut way back. I know I will be continuing my pursuit of all Ripken Jr. cards, but multiple hobby boxes a month will be coming to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I love opening boxes and packs but the cost and additional cards drives my wife crazy. That is why I will try with all my power to cut back on random packs and boxes.

Monthly Plan:

1 mid-range hobby box

~$50 on eBay

Hopefully, in the monthly box I will pull a few cards that people will be interested in trading for.

  1. wickedortega says:

    Dude i think were all on the same boat…. I just give myself two big runners a year and take it slow the rest…. I have a better time going to the card shop and getting cards i know i can trade or enjoy than busting packs. But don’t get me wrong busting pack is like a drug sometimes and it takes over!But i’m not a junkie yet :)

  2. I am definitely a junkie! I go crazy for a few weeks, then I spend the next few months paying for it, then I go back. Its a vicious cycle. Brians story was dead on. I think we have all gone through that to a certain degree. I have slowed down a lot, but trading like crazy keeps it good. I wish I had some Ripken stuff because you are one of the few out there that I haven’t traded with yet. Good luck!

  3. Brian says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my story. I KNOW how hard it can be to reign in that spending. Finding the blogging community has helped in that regard. Seeing the reviews and pics of so many cards helps me decide what I would like to get. Plus, just seeing some of the cards is enough for me to know I really only want the Rangers out a particular product. Good luck sticking to your budget. Wicked has a good system…I like looking at his “trade bait” posts. He seems to buy what he knows he can trade. Not a bad idea if you don’t absolutely have a NEED to bust packs. So much of what we open is untradeable because the people who want it already have it. Good post!

  4. Tim says:

    Since I posted my budget has increase…a little. I’ve probably spent $15 already on beckett this month…and I may drop $25 on a bunch of mcgriff relics if I get a new job. I guess I’m lucky I’m not addicted to ripping packs.

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