Weekend Visit to the Card Shop

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Baseball, Blog
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In the process of organizing everything, I was in need of a few storage boxes and top loaders. I took a trip to the local card shop, only to find out that the one I frequently visit was closed for the day…

On to plan B, a card shop located over in Ellicott City, MD. While there I found everything I was looking for and more. While inside, I picked up more information about a signing featuring Brooks Robinson and Art Donovan coming up next month. I have a lot of stuff already autographed by Brooks, but I really want to get a picture of him with my son and me. If we have the funds I would like to get the same with Art Donovan. We will see.

After getting side tracked, I got the boxes, top loaders, and other supplies. While standing in the checkout line, with all the packs on display, I had to pick up at least one. So after much debate, I ended up with 2 packs of 2009 SPx. I ran out to put all my stuff in the car, and ripped open the packs.

Here is what I got:

2009 SPx

2009 SPx #3

2009 SPx #2

All cards pictured here are available for trade.

  1. scott says:

    Dugoutzone. Love their auction in the fall

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