Please Help Me

Posted: September 19, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Blog
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The whole reason for this post is a simple plead for help with my collection.

Recently my wife stated that the collection has really gotten out of hand, which I totally agree with. I have stacks of cards everywhere! So we made the simple agreement that we would get a few boxes a year, but the focus of our collection would be the Oriole Hall of Famers (with a strong focus on Cal Ripken Jr.). In addition, we started a new blog The Ripken Pursuit to showcase the Ripken cards and show our progress.

I have started cataloging all my Ripken cards, click here. And it seems I have a lot less then I originally thought. As of right now I have 219 different cards, however there are more then 12,000 different cards out there. Needless to say I have quite a long road ahead of me. Even at 400 different card per year, it would still take me roughly 30 years!

Purchasing the new Ripken cards from the card shop or eBay gets very expensive, I would much rather trade. So in short if you have any Ripken cards, please contact me. I would greatly appreciate it!

To add, if you see any inserts or base cards shown on the site (that are not in my collection) that are of interest to you, please let me know.

  1. AdamE says:

    First of all I got your package today and was blown away by what was in it. Secondly I went to a card shop today (doesn’t happen very often becausethe closest one is 100 miles away) and I picked you up a couple Ripkins. I’ll get them in the mail to you early next week.

  2. wickedortega says:

    i have alot of ripkins!! I’ll email you some pics!!

  3. Ryan,
    I can’t help with your Ripken collection, sorry, but I can help you with your 2009 Ginter set. I just finished mine today and I have a bunch of doubles-I ripped way too many boxes. My set is done, I still need one sketch and some of the minis-the hoaxes and creatures, but i can probably help you with your set. Please send me an email with your wantlist and we will deal.
    bacontowne at yahoo dot commm. thanks, troll

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