2008 Masterpieces (Box #3) Break

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball

So after the first two boxes, my wife and I discussed how much we enjoyed opening this set. Then we decided to purchase 2 more boxes.

Here is box number three:

Black Border:

2008 Masterpieces Box#1 Image#4

2008 Masterpieces Box#1 Image#8


2008 Masterpieces Box#1 Image#2

Blue Border (/125):

2008 Masterpieces Box#1 Image#5Relic:

2008 Masterpieces Box#1 Image#3Autograph:

2008 Masterpieces Box#1 Image#7YSL:

2008 Masterpieces Box#1 Image#12008 Masterpieces Box#1 Image#6

I will update the 2008 Masterpieces want list right after box #4. But as always, if you see anything you would like please contact me.

2008 Masterpieces

2008 Heroes

2007 Masterpieces

I am currently looking for Cal Ripken Jr. cards.


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