Ripken Trades – Catching Up Addition

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Mailbag
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I am so far behind in listing the trades that came through. Any day there are Ripken cards in the mailbox is a GREAT day.

The first package was from Mark at Stats-on-the-back. He sent a huge box of Orioles! THANK YOU.

Stats-On-The-Back #1Stats-On-The-Back #2Stats-On-The-Back #3Stats-On-The-Back #4

I will be looking for Mets to send back your way.

The second trade was with Joe from the Priceless Pursuit. He sent over quite a few nice Orioles and all I needed to do was send over a few Yankees cards.

Joe Trade #1Joe Trade #2Joe Trade #3



Joe Trade #5Joe Trade #6Joe Trade #7Joe Trade #8Joe Trade #9

And the final was Paul from Carl Crawford Cards who sent over a great selection of Orioles Hall of Famers.

Carl Crawford Cards Trade

So until next time… THANK YOU for the great trades!

* Please note each trader sent so many cards that some were not shown here, but are greatly appreciated!


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