Gint-A-Cuffs: Box 2 – Pack 7 and 8

Posted: August 9, 2009 in Baseball, GINT-A-CUFFS

Pack 7:

336 Ryan Ludwick (St. Louis Cardinals) +5 Points
2009 Allen & Ginter 336 Ryan Ludwick

209 St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Iconic Catholic Church) -Needed
203 Scott Kazmir (Tampa Bay Rays)
108 Alamo (Mission Compound)
222 Akinori Iwamra (Tampa Bay Rays) – Needed
233 John Lackey (Angels)
Mini: Derek Jeter (New York Yankees) +2 Points
2009 Allen & Ginter 323 Derek Jeter Mini

NP55 Kosuke Fukudome (Chicago Cubs) +4 Points
2009 Allen & Ginter NP55 Fukudome

Pack 8:

132 Anna Tunnicliffe (Sailing Champion)
219 Nate McLouth (Pittsburgh Pirates)
117 Blake DeWitt (Los Angeles Dodgers)
230 Torii Hunter (Angels)
236 Edgar Renteria (San Francisco Giants)
224 Tim Lincecum (San Francisco Giants) +2 Points
2009 Allen & Ginter 224 Tim Lincecum

Mini: NH29 Nelson Mandela (South Africa) +5 Points
“Mandela is internationally loinized for his leadership in ending the segregationist policy of Apartheid. After serving 27 years of imprisonment for his activism, he became South Africa’s first democratically elected president in 1994.”
2009 Allen & Ginter NH29 Nelson Mandela

NP62 Ryan Braun (Milwaukee Brewers) +4 Points
2009 Allen & Ginter NP62 Ryan Braun

Total so far = 68 Points


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