One for me and one for Father’s Day

Posted: June 18, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Blog
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On June 17, I got the only bobblehead giveaway this year, the Adam Jones Bobblehead.

Adam jones Bobblehead

I am very excited to be adding this bobblehead to the collection. I think it looks great next to my Nick Markakis Bobblehead on display.

Nick Markakis Bobblehead

But not only that, since my father was unable to attend, I got one for him (my wife’s). It’s part of his father’s day present. He has no idea that it is coming or that I was at the game. I can only imagine the look on his face when I hand it to him!

  1. Jason Dent says:

    I’m actually getting a set together as a surprise for my brother in law, getting the auto multi color patch cards of the best players for each position on the Orioles…not goner be cheap but when I’m done I’ll have to post the finished set which will be getting framed in a shadow box of the stadium with each player in their position on the field (inc relief and closing pitchers in the dugout), stunned him already for his 40th with an auto mini helmet of ‘Skins Superbowl MVP Ken Williams and now getting his face to light up as a loyal Orioles fan is

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