Wish List – Football addition

Posted: June 12, 2009 in Baltimore Colts, Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Blog, Football

With all the cards I have added to my collection recently, I have decided to add cards to my wish list.

I have gotten a lot of Oriole Hall of Famers, Nick Markakis, and Brian Roberts autographed and game-used cards. So I was thinking that I would really enjoy adding a few vintage, game-used, autographed cards of the Baltimore Colts Hall of Famers (Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, John Mackey, etc.).

Johnny Unitas (Rookie) 1957 Topps #138

Johnny Unitas UER 1958 Topps #22

Johnny Unitas 1959 Topps #1

Johnny Unitas 1960 Topps #1

Just a few examples, I could keep listing but I don’t even have the money for these (with a new baby money is kind of tight). I have heard that if you are going to buy Vintage cards, it’s better to have them graded to ensure you have the real deal. So I guess I will be looking for graded versions (I am not too worried about the grade), unless someone knows a way to know for sure that a raw card is real.

Coming soon, a brief Baseball Card wish list….


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