Damaged Card

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Blog
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In the search for cards off eBay, I thought that I found a great deal. A .99 game-used card with free shipping of Oriole Hall of Famer Eddie Murray. So without delay I placed a .99 bid and quickly forgot that I had placed the bid for a couple days. Right before the auction ended, I looked at the item one more time, I realized I had not read the print of the auction. What it said was that the card had a small ding in the bottom (Right under EDDIE). So right after I won it, I was a little upset with myself for placing a bid on a damaged card.

But when the card arrived, I was surprised that the ding was not too bad. So I just added a new Eddie Murray game-used card to my collection for not even a dollar!

2008 Threads Baseball Americana Eddie Murray (BA-4) Game- Used #109/150Not my favorite picture of Eddie. For some reason, when I think of Eddie Murray I do not think of him in a Suit and Tie. This card would have been so much with a historical picture of him hitting a homerun… oh well.

  1. MDbirdlover says:

    Man, that picture of Murray looks like Sadaam Hussein. Freaky….

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