Wife’s Mail Call and TTT (26 February 2009)

Posted: February 26, 2009 in Blog

Today was an exciting day. First, we received two ebay cards in the mail. Second, I created TTT which is the Topps Target Trip. Creative, isn’t it? I think so. Third, the Orioles won their second game of spring training against the Cardinals down in Florida. They lost yesterday to the Mets, I’m sure Dinged Corners was happy that the Mets won their first spring training game.

The ebay cards we won are a 2005 Prime Patches Brian Roberts card and a 2005 Sweet Spot Classic Frank Robinson card. We are really looking forward to watching two really good switch hitters, Brian Roberts and Matt Wieters. 2005 Donruss Prime Patches #11 Brian Roberts Autograph2005 Sweet Spot #31 Frank Robinson

TTT, or Topps Target Trip, is when my husband and I go to Target to just buy some baby items but cannot fight the urge and end up buying a few packs of 2009 Topps cards as well. We enjoy the thrill of opening packs, even if we do not get the Cal Ripken, Jr. autograph we dream of. ;-) A few of the cards we received are below. We also have some for trading, so if you need any of these, let us know: 2,26,29,33,57,65,89,119,134,142,150,195,202,208,217,257,258,277, and 312. 2009 Topps #195 Tim Lincecum

2009 Topps #134 Evan LongoriaWe are not collecting the 2009Topps cards but if we do collect of the set, it will be the Legends of the Game. Right now, we have two Lou Gehrig cards (LLG-5 and LG11) and one Roberto Clemente card (LG21). If anyone is not interested in collecting the Legends of the Game, please let us know, we would love to trade for them.

2009 Topps (LLG-5) Gold Lou Gehrig Legends of the Game2009 Topps (LG11) Lou Gehrig

  1. SacBunt says:

    I got a Cy Young Legends that I’d be willing to trade you. It’s Numbered LG1. Hopefully, I can find some more stuff for you to make it worth your while.

  2. SacBunt says:

    Add a Tris Speaker LG6, if you’d like that one too.


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